May 18-19, 2023

Passion City Church

Atlanta, GA


May 18-19, 2023

Passion City Church

Atlanta, GA

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LIFT: Creative Conference is a time for church leaders, pastors, creatives, and more to gather together to be refreshed in their gifts and to be equipped to maximize their creativity to amplify the name of Jesus.


May 18-19, 2023
Passion City Church

515 Garson Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324


Join us May 18-19, 2023 for LIFT: Creative Conference. These days will include Main Sessions with teaching and worship, as well as Breakouts covering topics like leading worship, production, environmental design, and other creative themes and topics.


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What is LIFT: Creative Conference?

LIFT: Creative Conference is a for creatives to learn, grow and be refreshed in your gifts with other creatives without the weight of leading others. These days will include Main Sessions with teaching and worship, as well as Breakouts ranging from leading worship to production to other creative themes and topics.

Who is it for?

LIFT is created for those who serve in ministry, specifically for those who serve as pastors, worship leaders or part of a worship team, creative teams or are part of a production team.

What is the cost of a ticket to LIFT?

The price for LIFT is $129 per person.

What does the ticket cost cover?

The ticket includes the cost of participating in all Main Sessions, Breakouts, conference materials, and a boxed lunch on May 19.

Are there any meals included with my ticket?

A boxed lunch will be provided on Friday, May 19.

What is the schedule?

The schedule for LIFT: Creative Conference is as follows:

Thursday, May 18, 2023

1:00p - Main Session
3:30p - Breakout 1
4:30p - Breakout 2
8:00p - Main Session

Friday, May 19, 2023

10:00a - Main Session
11:40a - Breakout 3
1:30p - Breakout 4
2:45p - Main Session

*Schedule Subject to Change

How do I pay for my ticket?

Credit card and debit card payments are the accepted forms of payment. Check payments for LIFT will not be accepted.

When will I receive my ticket?

After you have purchased your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with your tickets included.Please note that you must present your ticket for entry to LIFT.

Can tickets be cancelled or transferred?

Tickets purchased for LIFT are non-refundable. Tickets are transferrable to another individual at any time.

Can I transfer my ticket to a different Passion Conference event?

Tickets purchased for LIFT are only valid for LIFT in 2023. They are unable to be used for other future Passion Conferences gatherings.

How can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

While LIFT tickets are nonrefundable, they are transferrable to another individual for LIFT. If you want to gift your tickets to another individual: Go to your order confirmation and scroll to the ticket you would like to transfer. Click “View Ticket” and then click “Text My Ticket” in the top left corner. From there you will be able to text the ticket link to the recipient.If you want to sell your ticket to another individual: Go here to access your TicketSpice Account. Click “Tickets” and then “Transfer.” From there you will follow the steps to initiate a Transfer. The person receiving the transferred tickets will receive an email initiating the transfer and will complete the transfer by entering their payment information for the tickets. Once that transaction is complete, the tickets will be refunded to the original purchaser’s account.If you initiate a transfer, the recipient will have 7 days to accept the transfer and pay for the ticket. If the recipient does not accept the transfer and pay for the ticket, the ticket will automatically be restored to the original owners account.

Will there be an online option for LIFT: Creative Conference?

At this time, the only option to be part of LIFT is in-person. We hope you join us!

Are spouses and children able to attend?

Spouses are welcome to attend as long as they have purchased a ticket. However, this will not be the appropriate setting for children. Please make outside arrangements for childcare.

Are special hotel rates available?

Yes. Passion has negotiated a discounted rate with various hotels in Atlanta. Hotel blocks will become available in the fall. Attendees are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.

Is public transportation available?

Yes, you can take MARTA from the airport to Lindbergh Center Station. The venue is a short walk south of theLindbergh Center MARTA Station. Please visit the MARTA website for more information.

Will there be parking available for LIFT: Creative Conference?

Free parking will be available at Passion City Church and/or a nearby parking deck.

How do I contact Passion if I have a question about my purchase?

You can contact us here.‍

Are cameras or videography allowed at LIFT: Creative Conference?

Professional cameras (DSLR or with a detachable lens), flash photography, or video or audio recordings are not allowed during Main Sessions and Breakouts as we desire that everyone be free from distraction to experience LIFT.


& More to Come

We'll be announcing more Breakouts as we get close to LIFT: Creative Conference. Stay tuned!


Your Voice: An Offering

Practical tips and practices that ensure that our voice is both an instrument as well as an offering.


Vulnerability: Living and Leading in Light

We were never designed to walk through life alone. True leadership comes at a cost, and there are always pitfalls and traps along the way. What does it look like to walk open and honest with the struggles of life, inviting true community and accountability at every step of the journey.


The He(art) of Holding a "Door": Building a Volunteer Culture

When it comes to serving God and people, we want to leave obligation in the dust. We don't serve because we have to or even because we can. We serve because we may. Hear from Passion City Church leaders on how to cast vision and infuse culture into a team.


The Art of Inspirational Environments

How do people feel when they walk into your space? Passion's top designers and creative minds share different approaches to cultivating unique and inspiring spaces all for a single goal—pointing people to the Creator of it all.


Rhythms of a Well-Fought Life

Life is hard, but there are promises to grip. Strategies and tactics to employ. Progress to be made. Join Pastor Ben Stuart as he walks through the spiritual practices of rest and war that will help you walk elegantly through the battlefield of life.


Production World BTS Tour

Sign up for this limited-capacity Behind the Scenes tour through our Production Spaces. We will show you around and answer questions about Front of House, Tech Core, Control Room and Warehouse spaces.


Production Leads Round Table - Q&A Session

Come to this Breakout prepared with all of your production questions. Our production leads are assembled and ready to impart best practices and tips with your team in this question & answer session.


Production is a Tool: Design, Lighting, and Screen Content

Production teams come in all shapes and sizes. Join Passion's production designers as they review scalable techniques ranging from small rooms to large venues, the ongoing emergence of LED surfaces, and a few practical tips for executing your designs no matter the size.


Photography for Live Events: A How-To

Photography is a window for the World to see what Jesus is doing in your church. Are your photos telling a unified story? Join us for this in-depth tutorial on live-event photography and editing from some of Passion's most experienced photographers.


Pastoring with and as a Creative

As creatives, we consistently strive to create beautiful work that points people toward Jesus. We love to create - but, leading creatives is hard. As we lead other creatives to flourish in all they put their hands towards, we must shepherd them to know that who they are is more important than what they do. At the same time, we need to facilitate inspiration, team building and collaboration to execute our ideas. Come be inspired around how to fuel our imagination and strengthen our workflow to build a winsome team.


Messaging the Message

You can have the best thing going, but how will anyone know it's happening? Hear from our Passion Marketing team as they discuss what it looks like to take the message of your church or movement to the World.


Exporting the Sound of Your Church

Learn the heart behind releasing and producing your sound and online gatherings and the methods of how we export to the Church around the world.


Design: Valuing the Process, Product, and People

Before people hear us, they see us; we want what they see to be inviting, interesting, inspiring, excellent, and compelling. Come hear the inspiration, process, and workflow behind Passion's design from our Design team. From pitching comps to final installations, learn how you can create meaningful design with longevity and adaptability in many formats.


Cultivating the Heart of Your Worship Team

Learn from Passion City Church's Worship Pastor as he breaks down our approach to championing, assigning roles, giving feedback and releasing people to lead in freedom and as a result, watching them reach new levels of their own leadership.


Creative Process: Songs for the Church

Come and be a part of the conversation around the art of songwriting for the Church. There’s never been a formula or way it’s always done, but maybe there’s a way we can we best position our lives and sharpen our skills to be ready for the moment when the wind of God’s Spirit blows.


Creative Impact for Family Ministries

Our kid's and students' spaces are filled with miracles every time we gather but are we giving them the time and attention they deserve so that the youngest in our church are filled with awe every time they walk in? Hear from our Kids and Students team as they discuss what it takes to create incredible environments for the next generation of our church.


Creating with the Door Open: Leadership, Feedback, and Release

Creativity and vulnerability walk hand in hand, and as leaders, it's our role to foster an atmosphere where opportunities are given, feedback is welcome, and no one feels forgotten.


Cinematic on a Budget

Every film piece starts with the same budget, the cost of an idea. After that, the approach, equipment, and style may differ, but the intent remains the same—point people to Jesus. Join our film team as we discuss how you can create the kind of artwork you'll be proud of, no matter what budget you're working with.


A Long Obedience: A Life of Worship

It may be easy to trust God for a moment, for a day, even for a year, but what does it look like to lay down your life for the sake of the Gospel for decades? Join Kristian Stanfill and Martin Smtih as they discuss the lessons learned through the lens of longevity.


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Join the Passion Creative Teams for this limited release podcast as we dive deep into the heart of our creative processes, mentalities, and rhythms at Passion. Each episode will dive into an area of Leadership, Music, Creativity, or Production and help us understand how we can amplify the name of Jesus through the creative gifts He has given each of us.

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